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  • #5 - Love Begins In Chinatown

    Ellie Dawkins is a young artist who has moved away from her home up north to London - a creative capital - to build a career as a professional artworker. Now joining her is her childhood best friend, and now other half, Harry Bones.

    A month ago, Ellie and Harry finally initiated a full on relationship after years of romantic tension. Now they are on their first date together! At the same time, Ellie’s more recent friend in London, Unnat has recently rekindled his relationship with Yuki, the one who got away (and accidentally caused him a lot of family drama). The two couples have arranged a double date: Chinatown, London.

    However, the excitement of current events and their futures together aren’t the only focus on this day out. All of them are taking a trip down memory lane, as we see peeks into Ellie and her friends’ pasts.

    (60 pages)

    Ellie The Artist #5 [digital]

    • Info

      Pages: 60

      File Type: PDF

      File Size: 42MB

      Recommended: Age 14+ -Contains mild language

    • Physical Copy:

    • Dyslexia Friendly Edition

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