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With The Experimental Animated Variety Show, 'The RAD Show!', Mx. Hutton Expresses Many Short Stories In Hybrid Art Styles.

Orbus Studios has plans to create full animated shows in future, in hopes of finding an interested producer.

Clients often come to Orbus Studios for animation-live action music videos and character design and animation. Because of the heavy devotion to the clients' exact vision, they have all been completely satisfied with their export product.

The Orbiverse

The Orbus Studios canon is set in a universe so vast that its size is larger than probability itself. This means that the further you travel across its space, everything will start to repeat itself with minor differences. No need for parallel universes when ours is large enough to contain multiple versions of Earth and our galaxy. Every story told, across every medium and format connects an ongoing epic that will last for decades. It all starts on a version of Earth which is home to the comic series 'That's How Sally Walks' and ''Ellie The Artist'.
Across the years, we will see the entity that connects all of these worlds, and learn whether or not to be afraid...

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