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Hi there, my name is Joey! I have always been an intensely creative person, with storytelling and artistic design always on my mind. Every other day a new idea for a character, the beginnings of a new world or even a whole multi-story saga will pop into my mind. In truth, I’ve never really been that skilled at much else, and my goal is to make this internal strength into a profitable living, under its branded name: Orbus Studios.


If you have ever struggled with social awkwardness, a feeling of non-acceptance or being “different”, or perhaps going through some strange changes in your life, then Orbus Comics shows characters and stories that come from an understanding place, and show the weirdness in all of us. From down-to-Earth settings to fantasy worlds all stories show a very human side to everything we encounter. Many people felt not so alone when they read ‘That’s How Sally Walks’, and young artists relate heavily to the plights of Ellie Dawkins in ‘Ellie The Artist’.

With more heavy lore to be expanded on, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the worlds of ‘Search For Catharsis’ or the fantasy biodome of Mestrya, and the vibrant thriving characters that inhabit them.
You’re bound to see yourself in at least one of the inhabitants of Orbus lore.

Spikey Kirk.png
“Orbus Studios’ artwork takes me back to my childhood. When working on my King Of Clowns Poetry project ‘Oceans Of Ink’ they were really reliable. They worked on the artwork until I was completely happy with it and made any adjustments I asked for. I wouldn’t think twice about working with them again.”
Sheldon Sinnamon, Writer of ‘Oceans Of Ink’
“It has been a beautiful thing to see Joe’s intuitive flair for story-telling give way to increasingly fascinating work over the last few years. His Monty Python meets The Young Ones meets Tim Burton meets Alan Moore aesthetic has grown to feature fantastical universes full of boundless imagination and vibrant creativity.“
-Scott Hayden, Creative Media Lecturer and Indie Film Producer, ‘Teacher Of The Year 2015’ Nominee
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