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  • Previously only featuring in the Acrylic Vent anthologies, you can now purchase the first 6 comics of My Junkie Friend for the low price of £2!

    Join BitchTed & Hedonist Hal on many rat-arsed capers and misadventures. One is crabby and tired, one is naive and unstably chirpy, both are fueled up on coffee, cigarrettes, booze and god-knows-what-else. Join them as they venture through London's most sordid nightclubs, to the most hellish corners of the universe!

    The new best comic series for folk and crust punks, BY a crust punk!

    My Junkie Friend - Vol.1

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      Pages: 22

      File Type: PDF

      File Size: 23MB

      Recommended: Age 15+ -Contains strong language and references to drugs and world politcs

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