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Store Policy

Customer Care

We will always be thankful and courteous to our customers, and the way you spend your money on this business is very important to us. Accidentally bought something and need a refund? You got it! Want extra safe packaging on your shipped merch? Absolutely! Orbus Studios will always have a very human approach to business. Kindness is the cause for all good things!

Privacy & Safety

Orbus Studios will do virtually nothing with your personal data, barring anything automatic and out of our control. Joey is a strong advocate for Net Neutrality and the use of tools to keep everybody's data private.

While this site does collect your data is some way, Joey themself will never directly refer to it for business. This is only because it is an automatic process by Wix and Google. Orbus Studios will never sell your information. On this site, Big Brother should not be watching!

Wholesale Inquiries

If you wish to sell Orbus Studios branded items within your business or retail, you will need to contact us with expressed desire. We will discuss the possibilities of a contract.

Joey often makes handshake deals with small businesses in their area and London to sell their merch, but the online world is more risky with such endevours!

Payment Methods

- Most major Credit / Debit Cards

Payment Methods
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