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New! Dyslexia Friendly Versions Now Under Construction

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Featured Freebies:

Option #1

Front Cover-min.png

Slice-Of-Life, Cute Drama, Wholesome, Thought-Provoking, Youthful Comedy, Down-To-Earth, Talky

Young Friendships, Neurodivergency, Queer Relationships, Geek Culture, Early-20s Romances, City Life, Cosmopolitan Culture

Age Group: Suitable For All Ages 13+

Option #2

Tales Of Mestrya

Fantasy, Adventure, Other-Worldly, Epic, Character Drama, Occasional Comedy

Combining Magic & Science, Academic Struggling, Late Teenhood Friendships, Beaches, Treetop Villages, Ancient Cultures, Human Evolution, Bubbling Potions

Age Group: Suitable For All Ages 7+

Option #3

Front cover catharsis-min.png

Action, Adventure, Historical Fantasy, Espionage, Global Travel,  Unique Artstyle, Guns, Mid-20th Century;

Unique Jagged Manga Artstyle, Ancient Mythical Monsters, Native American, Inca, Mayan. Tropical, Gritty, Positive Masculinity, Classical Beauty

Age Group: Suitable For All Ages 13+

We're trying something new! Now the free comics no longer require an email address from you! I know from experience how daunting signing up for something can be, so now here we go. You may read and download these free PDFs in a free space! However you still have the option to get the comics sent via email, if you prefer the portability. Plus, linked below is the Wordpress site of the entirety of the webcomic 'That's How Sally Walks'.


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Front Cover2-min.png

Demo Documents:

Acrylic Vent #1 & #2

Multiple Stories, Wild & Experimental, Garish, Rebellious, Zany Humor, Philosophical, Thought-Provoking, Action, Cartoon Comedy;
Age Group: Suitable For All Ages 13-40

Icon 2018.jpg

Long running series of short comics that tell the story of young Sally, a socially awkward girl, filled with anxiety, and her various mishaps in her daily life. The story ranges from the smaller moments of embarrassment we all face, to big parts of her adult life, all subtly connected over four years of storyline.

Read The Whole Saga Free At:

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Webcomic, 2017 - 2020

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