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So, all you have to do is drop your email at box below, and you'll recieve our... let's call it the Orbus Newbie Freebie Package? No. Let's not call it that. But anyway, I - Joey S. Hutton - will personally send you 2 free comic books, and 2 demos of our Acrylic Vent series!

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Featured Freebies:

Ellie The Artist #1 - Silver City

Front Cover-min.png

Genres: Slice-Of-Life, Cute Drama, Wholesome, Thought-Provoking, Youthful Comedy;
Suitable For All Ages 13+

Search For Catharsis #0 - The Anarcheologist's Study

Front cover catharsis-min.png

Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical Fantasy, Espionage, Global Travel,  Unique Artstyle, Guns, Mid-20th Century;
Suitable For All Ages 13+

VOL 1 COVER update-min.png
Front Cover2-min.png

Demo Documents:

Acrylic Vent #1 & #2

Genres: Multiple Stories, Wild & Experimental, Garish, Rebellious, Zany Humor, Philosophical, Thought-Provoking, Action, Cartoon Comedy;
Suitable For Ages 13-40

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