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Let's Get You Some Freebies...

We're trying something new! Now the free comics no longer require an email address from you! I know from experience how daunting signing up for something can be, so now here we go. You may read and download these free PDFs in a free space!


Featured Freebies:

Ellie The Artist #1 - Silver City

Front Cover-min.png

Genres: Slice-Of-Life, Cute Drama, Wholesome, Thought-Provoking, Youthful Comedy;
Suitable For All Ages 13+

Search For Catharsis #0 - The Anarcheologist's Study

Front cover catharsis-min.png

Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical Fantasy, Espionage, Global Travel,  Unique Artstyle, Guns, Mid-20th Century;
Suitable For All Ages 13+

VOL 1 COVER update-min.png
Front Cover2-min.png

Demo Documents:

Acrylic Vent #1 & #2

Genres: Multiple Stories, Wild & Experimental, Garish, Rebellious, Zany Humor, Philosophical, Thought-Provoking, Action, Cartoon Comedy;
Suitable For Ages 13-40

Sally Autumn.png