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  • #4 - The Dodgy Party

    It’s Summertime in London, a couple of months after Ellie’s lifelong friend Harry Bones had come to also settle in the city.

    Ellie is now interested in pursuing a full romantic relationship with her oldest friend, as they were only kept apart by circumstance years before. While still committed to her career as an artist in England’s creative capital, she’s willing to put that on hold for a weekend, while her and her friends Mara and Unnat take a break and let their hair down.
    While Ellie and Harry were hoping for a quiet weekend of movies, creativity and maybe cuddling, Unnat has informed them of a most excellent house party thrown uptown, and they must attend!
    Ellie Dawkins, the soft and sheltered nerd, will now enter the environment of “normal folk” and see them in their natural habitat. Her whole safe world is turned upside down in one night, when all she wanted to do was get together with her longterm love!

    Also introduced are new characters, Mara’s dad, Unnat’s former lover Yuki,
    and “chill bully” Ronnie. Prepare for a whole crazy cast you may or may not have met during your own ventures in nightlife!

    (52 Pages)


    Ellie The Artist #4 [digital]


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