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 Dyslexia Friendly 

Hi there! Welcome to this new project I'm starting.
It's come to my attention that a lot of people find Orbus comic books difficult to read because of the fonts I use and the white backgrounds of the speech bubbles.

So in favour of accessibility, I am making alternate versions of EVERY comic I've ever made, that cater towards people with Dyslexia.

Just a disclaimer: I cannot guarantee these are readable for all Dyslexic people, as there are many different types. This particular format has had the most approval with Dyslexic Orbus fans.

Rest assured, the prices are the same, and the Freebies are still free in the alternate versions. I recommend using the free ones to test your ability to read in this format.

This is still a work in progress, and will take a while to create Dyslexia Friendly versions for all my books, so please be patient. I also invite you to give me feedback!
Thank you!

ToM I front cover -comp.png
Free! [Digital] [Dyslexia]
Front Cover-min.png
Free! [Digital] [Dyslexia]
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