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  • For a smaller price, you can own the first trilogy of Ellie The Artist!

    Follow the adventures of young Ellie Dawkins, aspiring game artist who has come to London to move in with her online friend Mara and set up her career. She is joined by the slightly mad Unnat, a friend with industry connections, and a whole cast of colourful characters!

    (147 Pages)


    Disclaimer from Joey

    I have researched the best ways to cater to dyslexic readers, and found that there is no singular way to make a version accessible for all types of dyslexia. I have done personal focus groups, and found that most people with dyslexia are able to read this particular format, but not all. I believe in accessibility and making appropriate adjustments, and want Orbus comics to be read by as many people as possible. While I was not able to cater to all types of dyslexia at this time, I hope this at least starts something new.


    (Dyslexia Friendly) Ellie The Artist 1, 2 & 3 [digital]

    • File Info

      Pages - 145

      File Type - PDF

      File Size - 60.1MB

      Recommended: Age 12+ -Contains mild language

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      [Episode #1 Digital Copy FREE!]

      Buy this trilogy ebook, and get Episode #4 HALF PRICE!

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    • Physical Copy

      Not Yet Available

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