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  • [Chapter One free to read at this page]

    Krochus is taken on a journey across the continent to find the advice of a mysticist (scientist on magic) after finding a mysterious stone icon that fell from the sky. Along the journey, guided by young Takree, they meet the bubbly Shael who is headed in the same direction: the city of Helnin.


    Disclaimer from Joey

    I have researched the best ways to cater to dyslexic readers, and found that there is no singular way to make a version accessible for all types of dyslexia. I have done personal focus groups, and found that most people with dyslexia are able to read this particular format, but not all. I believe in accessibility and making appropriate adjustments, and want Orbus comics to be read by as many people as possible. While I was not able to cater to all types of dyslexia at this time, I hope this at least starts something new.

    (Dyslexia Friendly) Tales Of Mestrya Book I, Chapter 2 [digital]


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