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[Part01] What Even Is 'The RAD Show!' Anyway...? - Flux-102 Transmission 02/09/2021

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So here's where we get a little existential...

The RAD Show! is my own self-produced animated series on YouTube that features a variety of animated shorts and occasional live-action segments, featuring the Orbus Studios cast ourselves. It's so far ran for 3 episodes from 2015 to 2019, with the first "season" intending to cap off at 6 episodes in future. But why the frick do I make these episodes? Well......

Fake ad, no real VHS release is planned... yet!

Short version: Creative dustbin / Long-term WIPs

Long Version:

I consider my skills in animation and art to be... well, mostly untalented. I attended university to study animation between 2013 and 2016 and I did very poorly, because the uni lifestyle was not suited to me (and being a bad student probably didn't help). But I did learn stuff while I was there; software, principles and various effects; just sadly didn't result in a degree. But then, most industry professionals would say that the demo reel is what counts, not the qualification.

The thing is, despite a rocky 3 years, I still had a drive to create my own projects. And some projects were just little story segments that I couldn't make work in anything longer. I was always overly ambitious (and still am, only I have gotten better at controlling that with age), and wanted to create these grand feature films by myself. Only the problem was... I wasn't actually any good at drawing or animating. So I made myself learn and explore...

Episode 01

'Psychosis Cartoon Theatre'

The RAD Show! - Episode 1 contains 5 segments.

-Spiky Kirk's Intro Ident

--Made in the Summer of 2015, on my old laptop in my bedroom. My girlfriend at the time was with me, and I was having a hedonistic break between uni years! Made on Adobe Flash (yes, before it became Animate!), and Premier Pro. I was inspired by old '90s Nickelodeon and TV program breaks I'd seen on VHS. I wanted to sell a new identity for my art: Nirvana and punk rock meets 90s Nick and CN. While making this, I taught myself non-uniform scaling and using blended opacity layers with VHS FX!

-Alien Dude Gets Munched

--The final bit of coursework in my first year at uni in 2014, as part of our Principles lectures. Drawn with pencil and paper and using... some software I don't remember and haven't seen since. This was a rocky one, but I was so proud of myself at the time, because I had never made something even remotely depicting realistic body movements. I said remotely! Nonetheless, I scraped a pass, heheh...

-Jin, the Techno Ninja

--Made these two shorts at home on Adobe Flash (with a GIF texture made on Photoshop) during my first year of uni. I don't actually remember much about making this; only that I wanted to make a kinda in-between segment.

-Anti Vanity Mirror

--Drawn during the Summer hols of 2014 on my own lightbox with paper and pencil. Heh... I actually carved the words "Come on, let the good times roll" into the wood, because I was a huge Jimi Hendrix fan! Anyway, I made this to prove to myself that I still remembered what I was taught at uni... and maybe I wanted to show off too... oops! Also, the Slug characters were invented by 12-year-old me! It was satisfying to see them evolve.

-Crackabilly Dan's Far Out Show

--My second year final piece. My head lecturer wanted to his own Liquid TV-esque cartoon show called Solent Green and pitch it to TV stations. Only it fell through because all our final pieces turned out like s**t. This was my one!

Funny story: the reason why it looks mostly awful and clunky is because 75% of animated hastily on Flash in one night in my uni dorm, because... y'know, students cram. Oh my god, I remember it now... I bought a whole box of SubWay cookies to motivate me to work well into the night, because I only had a couple days to hand the whole thing in... My advice? Uhh... Don't let yourself get to that postion, but if you still do, don't hate yourself for it. It's normal. I got through it and you can too :)

Now then! By the end of 2015, I had a little collection of quarter-decent animated shorts! And I had also been interested in making my own take on Liquid TV, so I decided to blend them into one on YouTube. I honestly just thought of the name The Rad Show off the top of my head, but years later stylised it to The RAD Show!

Episode 02

'Rock'N'Roll In A Low-Poly Spaceship'

Yes. I was 100% sober when I made this. So this is an interesting one, becau--

://Transmission Interrupted

-chkdsk C: /r

Please Stand By For Part 02 Of This Blog Article


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