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Top 4 WORST Episodes of 'That's How Sally Walks' [Flux-102 Transmission 26/07/22]

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

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Hey, if I'm big-headed enough to list my own favorites, I must be humble enough to list...

The Official Top 4 Worst THSW Comics

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#30 - Nothing Left To Prove

Sally pours her heart out and gets back together with Ed. The problem is Ed barely says anything and is just the receiver of the speech. At the time, I unintentionally made Ed nothing more than a love interest for Sally to win back. My mistake at the time was making Ed a totally nice guy with no character aside from being nice. If that weren’t the case, he would have said things too, and owned up to any mistakes he made. I’m only glad I chose to develop him further after that



#79 - Sally & June

Boy that was a weird one. Why did June tear up as well? Sally’s young for her age and probably gets attached too easily. But why is June so sad her volunteer is leaving after only a few months. My main misjudgement was taking the maternal friendship a little too far too soon. Although admittedly, these events played out slower when the comics were released in realtime, but that time will never come again, as they can all be read at once on Wordpress. When binge-reading, the series unfolds too quickly for its own good at times, and this one is probably the most affected by that.



ALL the political ones

That's How Sally Walks is definitely at its worst when it’s being political. It’s clear I’m a leftie person, but one of my biggest regrets is using Sally and her friends to get my opinions out. When I read the whole series back in order, the political ones stick out like a saw thumb. They come off as preachy and forced to me, and looking back on it, they probably were. It’s a shame I realised this quite late into the series, and decided to focus my political messages in other series like Search For Catharsis or My Junkie Friend. Trust me... at some point there will be more to My Junkie Friend than idiotic humour for stoners ;)

Ultimately, political messages made the characters of THSW into vessels of information on current world events, and my own venting. The most guilty mistake is that they are clearly out-of-character in these episodes.



#74 - Fairytale Of Vague Town

Good god what was I thinking. Not only did I butcher one of the greatest songs of all time, I butchered one of my own favourite songs of all time! I don’t know why it seemed like a good idea at the time. The concept? One I regret. The drawings? Horrendously lazy. The variation on the lyrics! Ehh...

The whole thing is just... no

Transmission TERMINATED


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