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Flux-102 Trasmission 02/08/2021

Run: cmd

chkdsk C:/Orbus Studios regular blogging

Several hundred thousand errors found, fixing bad sectors

Document found: Future?-Prime:17579

Hey folks. It's been a very long while. Things haven't been crazy lately... and that's the problem! First up, if you're new to this site, welcome! I am Joey, the dude who runs this one-person studio. And this website has been too silent for too long. The silence has given me time to think.

I've been thinking about futures, but most importantly, the present. Thinking about how when people ask "Why are we here?", my answer is often, "That's not the question. The question is: where are we going?". I will not open up too much personally in a public setting (yes social media and blogs are public), as I believe in putting a wall between customers and business partners, so as to not get too personal. Even the name Joey isn't the name I go by outside working! But I have had advice from several people, and I'm willing to share it and my own reaction to it:

I started attempting to do Orbus Studios professionally in 2016, and to this day, barely any sales and a tiny audience. And I know why. I have been without focus. And I have only half-attempted to make something of this website. Y'see, I've always been like a ball around the court, creatively. I always bounced from one project to the next without focus, without specialising. But that was before I got in contact with a few wise people, both in the industry and out. And some of those people didn't even intend to make me figure it out; they just said things that helped me put the pieces together.

In 2019 I went on my own little "renaissance" to improve my artwork. I - quite naively - endevoured to create my own ferature film composed of all-different-styles animated shorts in the space of a year. But of course I realise now that marketing and artistic merit are always a 50-50 relationship, give or take.

Since 2018 I've been working a dayjob that I hate in order to support myself while I work towards my real career. Only very recently, I realised "Wait, it's been 3 years and still nothing.", and when asked why, I immediately said, "Because this job makes me so tired and empty that I can barely find energy to fully put into Orbus Studios,". I kept assuming my next paycheque will be the way out. Nope. The answer was clear, so I handed in my notice that day. I'm getting another day job to support myself, I'm not saying quit entirely to chase your dreams, there's more thinking involved. But it's clear, and to nobody's fault, that the retail job I worked was not the right stopgap. So here I am... marketing once again! I'll get it right this time.

So what now? I don't know, it's terrifying and crazy, and that's the way I like it! Live for adventure, but make time for peace too.

I don't think this blog post made a lick of sense, but stay tuned to Flux-102 Transmissions, and next blog post I'll go indepth about the finale of That's How Sally Walks!

Rock'n'roll! O mani padme hum

-Joey x

Transmission terminated


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