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Flux-102 Transmission - 07/10/2020

Hello! What's crack-a-lacking, my good fans? Joey here with my first blog post! I've never had a real blog before, except my personal Facebook... What do I use this space for? S**tposting? Showing my WIPs? Updates and rambles on literally any subject? All of the above? Sure, that last one sounds good. So!

What did I do today?

(This will be a regular section I reckon)

I have been rushing like mad to get the final chapters of my webcomic That's How Sally Walks in order. To those who don't know, my beloved webcomic ( is coming to an end within the next two months. I made this decision because, frankly, I didn't want to go down the Simpsons route. The Ed's amnesia storyline of last year was a wakeup call to make plans for an end to the series, in fear of it becoming too stale. It's better for a series to shine while it can before it becomes... well, The Simpsons season 13-onwards. In Summer 2019 I chose to give myself creative freedom of the series until Autumn 2020, in order to get all my ideas out, and to truly milk the story. Now that Autumn has come, the finale graphic novel (pre-planned since 2017) will begin shortly, with its pages being uploaded to Facebook and Instagram and the official Wordpress site for free. Each post will be one chapter of the long story that wraps up Sally's saga in a very fitting way.

So today I made the second and third pages of the final graphic novel. You may have a little teaser here...

Somber stuff, I know! Don't worry, there'll be plenty of happy moments too. Plenty of classic Sally-style comedy, and plenty of cute bits, feely bits and many bits that should make you think!

Today I also made comic #263:

There isn't much I will say about this one, as I believe it speaks for itself (read the whole three pages on the website). I'd never even considered a self-insert until recently... I was afraid of being too fanfiction-y, to be honest. But I had been toying with the idea of, if I could speak to Sally myself, how would our conversation go? We are quite different people in some ways, and very similar in others. I totally improvised this special little episode, as it had to be organic. Sally might as well exist as a living person, even if she is made up of several neurons in my brain that fire at each other when I feel like writing and drawing her. Hey, human bodies can already produce life, who says our brains and imagination may be not just another method of doing so? Anyway, I then found myself asking... if Sally herself could give me advice, what would it be? I am very proud with how today's comic turned out.

What's The Current Plan?

So, over the next week, I'll be rounding up the regular series of Sally comics, most likely capping off at #265 (I have a special plan for that one), then come mid-October, the graphic novel will begin with its first post. This finale project should last until late November. I guess after that, I'll have quite a free Christmas... I'll think of something. I will also be documenting my experiences in making this final Sally comic, how it makes me feel, what it means to draw certain pages, and so on. I will probably release a short video documentary about the series as a whole after it's done. Plenty to look forward to!

What Am I Up To Now?

It's about half past midnight, I have work tomorrow but only work in the evening. So I can afford a little lie in! I'm about to run my Commodore Amiga emulator and plug in my USB floppy disk reader to play some classic physical copy Amiga games, semi-authentically! I'm also listening to a good bit of synthwave music. I'm particularly fond of the song Decay by Home, and the - s i m p s o n w a v e - video that goes with it, C R I S I S. Very emotional stuff, definitely worth a YouTube search! Anyway, I'm off to play some 16-bit games and pretend I have my s**t together, then off to sleep at an unwise hour! Night all!

Joey x

Transmission Overrided... Flux-102 Is Currently Off-Air... That Damn A.I. Hacked Us Again... Good Night, Cartridge Wasteland


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