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Shopping At Orbus

  • Disk full of production files of Orbus Studios projects! The PSDs, Blender files and other hidden content that never made it to the internet. Includes files from old favourites like 'That's How Sally Walks' and 'Ellie The Artist', but also sneak peaks at upcoming series like 'Erasmus Vector' and 'RAMpunk Reality'!

    [Retro Format] Orbus Production Disk 001

    • Tech Specs

      Media: DVD-R, Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux

      Capacity of Disk: 4.7GB

      Capacity Used: 2.28GB


      Files Included:

      -PSD (compatible with free software like GIMP and Krita)


      -Blend & blend1 (compatible with Blender)

      -EXE (a self-installing GDevelop demo game for Windows)

      -PNG and JPEG

      -MP3 and WAV audio

      -MP4 video


      What's Needed to Use:

      Any PC or Mac with an internal or external disk drive. The disk plays like a flashdrive.

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