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Shopping At Orbus

  • [Chapter One free to read at this page]

    Krochus, Takree and Shael meet the renowned mysticist Geotak in the water town of Helnin, but events soon escelate when they are forced to go into full magical combat with giant crustaceans called mackalgrubers!


    Disclaimer from Joey

    I have researched the best ways to cater to dyslexic readers, and found that there is no singular way to make a version accessible for all types of dyslexia. I have done personal focus groups, and found that most people with dyslexia are able to read this particular format, but not all. I believe in accessibility and making appropriate adjustments, and want Orbus comics to be read by as many people as possible. While I was not able to cater to all types of dyslexia at this time, I hope this at least starts something new.

    (Dyslexia Friendly) Tales Of Mestrya Book I, Chapter 3 [digital]


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