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  • Why hello, person my product page! You are either a potnetial customer in a store or at my comic con stand, or you ve already bought this but havent yet had the chance to look at
    the back. Lazy. So what is this book? Well it's an anthology of intricate short stories that are deeply analytical of nature and the turning cogs of life...
    Ok thats b###ocks. This is just a dumb collection of short comics, some kinda funny, some mildly thought-provoking, some are kinda eh.
    Acrylic Vent serves as a creative dustbin to Joey S, Hutton, lead creator of the Orbus Studios franchise. I'm too self deprecating to sell myself, so I will let another blurb writer take over...


    Welcome to the retrotastic, artistically experimental book bound theatre of Acrylic
    Vent! Get ready for a roller coaster of dark whimsy as we take you from the furthest corners of the Universe, to the comprehensive limit of the human psyche!
    Shove this tasty book up your naval and give it a kiss!!

    (39 Pages)  - 

    Acrylic Vent #2 - Dark Whimsy

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      Pages: 37

      File Type: PDF

      File Size: 19MB

      Recommended: Age 15+ -Contains frequent swearing and drug references

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