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New Comics

Check Out The Latest Graphic Novel Releases! Orbus Studios Comics Feature Stories In Genres Ranging From Wholesome Coming-Of-Age Dramas To Wild Experimental Comedy Adventures!

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-Ellie The Artist #1
-Search For Catharsis #0

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  Acrylic Vent #1 & #2

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News Bulletin

Orbiverse Canon:
20 Year Plan Announced!

The projects that Joey always wanted to do, will be released in full between the years 2022 and 2042! The Orbiverse Epic begins!

Game Project With K-Storm Studio ltd.
Going Smoothly!

Joey S. Hutton is at the creative helm for the upcoming 2D platformer, 'Wild Radio Flux', to be released in the near future by K-Storm Studio in London, with company founder and CEO
Khappa MJ (Massimo E. Capano) as the lead developer.
The game will feature three Orbus Studios characters as playable protagonists, as they journey across a musically-orientated galaxy in a low-poly spaceship, in search of the most excellent rock'n'roll song in the universe! They battle across asteroid canyon scrapyards filled with corrupt disused robots, to vaporwave-inspired tropical cities. Switch on your 90s ghetto blaster and stay tuned to our broadcasts!

Update 02/1/2022: Pre-Alpha Demo Enters Testing Stage!

Ellie The Artist #4

With the world of Ellie The Artist now firmly established and flowing freely from its parent series (That's How Sally Walks), the series and its settings has been expanded and further explored in issue #4: 'The Dodgy Party'. Several previously seen characters outside of the main trio will all come together at a social function, in an environment that Ellie is far from used to! Plus, new characters including

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Mara's dad, Unnat's ex Yuki and Ellie's potential romance with her lifelong friend Harry Bones will be explored and maybe finalised! Prepare for relatable cringe-comedy, character development, and the token Orbus-style wholesome moments.

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Ellie The Artist 4 Page 1

Latest Artwork

Acrylic Vent Comics 3
Oscar And Susie
Plastigence, K-Storm
The RAD Show, VHS
The RAD Show VHS
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Long running series of short comics that tell the story of young Sally, a socially awkward girl, filled with anxiety, and her various mishaps in her daily life. The story ranges from the smaller moments of embarrassment we all face, to big parts of her adult life, all subtly connected over four years of storyline.

Read The Whole Saga Free At:


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Webcomic, 2017 - 2020

"Ellie, you are 23. You've got at least 50 more years to do incredible things... Let's make room for some misttakes. There isn't much to learn out of never making mistakes"

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Lucy Dawkins, Ellie The Artist #2 - The First Commission, 2020

Written by Joey S. Hutton