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[DISCLAIMER: This paperback is more of a collector's item, rather than a primary way to read this story. There is little to no exclusive content, and the whole story can be read for free at ]
Say Goodbye To Sally. 
In the final installment of That’s How Sally Walks, our socially awkward hero has set a course for her new home: a peaceful rustic farm to the north, to live with her beloved boyfriend Ed and her elderly mentor friend June.

Sally’s Gran, upon her passing, has given her an instruction: to figure out the meaning of an old poem Gran wrote about Sally herself. She has been told that once she cracks the meaning, Sally will truly be at peace with things, and learn the best truth about herself.

However, on Sally and Ed’s travel north, somebody wishes to stop them. In a twisted mind, her cousin Shane has set out to terminate her life.

Over four years, Sally has been through a lot, in a wide variety of situations. But this is the first time that her life is now in danger.

This finale has been very well recieved by fans, and provides a very suitable end to her arc.

Pale White Face - That's How Sally Walks Finale


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